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We have various agricultural pesticides & fertilizers particularly in which we are offering as herbal pesticides and fetilizers. These pesticides help in eliminating various problems pertaining agriculture. The basic effect of this lies in the dispersal of chemicals in the atmosphere, ground water, and surface water. These chemicals skillfully identify the pesticides present in land.

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Bio-Botanical Systemic Insecticide

F-8 is an aqueous herbal extract which checks the reproductive system of white fly. Being purely herbal its non-harmful to other beneficial organisms.

F-8 is effective for more than 12 days.

Features of F-8

  • Increases crop yield by quality as well as quantity.
  • Eco-friendly, with no phytoxicity or residual toxicity.
  • Ideal for IPM strategies.
  • Cover Range Days of F-8 is more than 12 days.
  • It is compatible with all agrochemicals which broadens its usage and provides flexibility.
Ingredients of F-8

Some of the herbs used in making F-8 are as follows:

  • Adhitora vasica.
  • Acorus calamus.
  • Shahteera.

Present Solutions for White Fly

  • Number of chemical sprays are available but the species have become resistant to most of them. Secondly these chemicals have a very low effective period which leads to increased no. of sprays.

Method of Application

  • F-8 can be applied using power or knapsack sprayer.
  • Spray should be done on both sides of the leaves.


  • Spray F-8 @ 4 ml/lit of water. It has cover range days of nearly 2 weeks.

Target Crops

  • Tea, Coffee, Cotton , Tobacco , Paddy ,Wheat etc.
  • Vegetables :Like Potato, Tomato , Brinjal, Onion , Carrot ,Raddish ,Cucumber ,Gourd , Beans etc
  • Fruits : Apple, Banana , Grapes, mango , Strawberry , Peach , Plum , Papaya , Pineapple , Lichi etc
  • Chillies, Spices like Black Pepper, Cumin , Ginger etc.
  • Flowers like roses , Marigold ,Sunflowers , Tulips etc.
  • Horticultural , Perennial or Annual Crops
Packing Details
F-8 packing :
Bulk pack : 50 Litre Drum & 1000 Litre
Small pack : 20 Lt, 5Lt, 1Lt, 500ml, 250ml and 100ml PVC bottles.
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