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Herbal Bidis
These Bidis do not contain any Tobacco. .
Herbal Products
Medicinal plants & herbs known for their healing properties.
Pesticides & Fertilizers
All types of pesticides & fertilizers used in farming.
Cosmetic Products
Quality products derived from herbs and extracts.
Perfumes & Fragrances
Various kinds of Perfumes & Fragrances available.
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PURE HERBS (Leaves,Seed,Fruits,Bark & Roots)
Medicinal plants & herbs contain substances known to modern and ancient civilization for their healing properties. The active principles differ from plant to plant due to their biodiversity, i.e. to the plant’s genetic coding ability to produce them. The genetic material of old and new herbs and plants are coveted for their potential in discovering , combining , manipulating and synthesizing new medicines. . Therefore wide verities of plants & their parts are used in Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics .

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Followings are few products are offered for the Exports.
Pure Herbs Pure Herbs


Sr. No Common Name Botanical Name Part we offer
1 Babul Acacia Arabica Bark,Pods,Leaves
2 Hirda / Myrobalan Terminalia Chebula Nuts, Deseeded & Powder
3 Belaric Myrobalan/ Behara Terminalia Bellrica Nuts, Deseeded & Powder
4 Bilva /Bel Aegle Mermolis Fruits
5 Palash / Butea Buea Monospema Gum, Seeds
6 Karanj Pongamia Granatta Seeds
7 Crep Ginger/Kut/Koekand Costus Speciosus Rhizome
8 Stevia Stavia Sp. Leaves
9 Amala Emblica Officinales Dry deseeded Fruit
10 Vyavdinga/Bibding Emblica Ribes Fruit
11 Lemon Grass Cymbopogon Flexuosus Dry Leaves Cut
12 Buch / Sweet Flag Acorus Calamus Seed
13 Kewach/Vellavate Beens Mucuna Pruriens Seed
14 Aruna Terminalia Arjuna Bark
15 Amaltas /Indian Laburnum Cassia Fistula Fruit , Pulp
16 Kokam / Garcinia Garcinia Indica Dried Fruit
17 Wield Basil Ocimum Sp. Leaves,Whole Plant, Seed
18 Soapnut Small Sapindus Mukorosi Fruit & Dseeded
19 Mulethi Glycyrrihza Glabra Root

Foetid Cassia ,Coffe pod,Sickle pod

Cassia Torea  Seed
21 Kalmegha,Creat,Kariyat Andrographis Paniculata Whole Plant
22 Neem Azadircta Indica Leaves , Seeds
23 Pudina / Mint Mentha Sp Dry Leaves
24 Nirgudi / Vitex Vitex Nigundo Dry Leaves
25 Triphala (1:1:1) Hirda :Behara : Amala Powder Tannins 30%
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