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Herbal Bidis
These Bidis do not contain any Tobacco. .
Herbal Products
Medicinal plants & herbs known for their healing properties.
Pesticides & Fertilizers
All types of pesticides & fertilizers used in farming.
Cosmetic Products
Quality products derived from herbs and extracts.
Perfumes & Fragrances
Various kinds of Perfumes & Fragrances available.
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Apara International is established in the year 1986. With the integration of technology and expertise we have made conscious efforts to carve a niche of excellence for ourselves.Apara International is a leading Merchant Exporter for more than 2 decades, exporting different commodities such as Tobacco Products, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Cosmetics, Aromatic Chemicals, Colour Pigments and many more.

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Members of Indian Government Export Promotion Councils ( EPC) , Boards , Organisations
  • Tobacco Board of India
  • Basic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics EPC
  • The Cotton Textile EPC
  • India Trade Promotion Organisation ( ITPO )
Registration with Developed Countries Import Promotion Organisation.
Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland
France Germany Italy Japan The Netherlands Norway
Sweden Switzerland U.K. USA    
Registration with following Countries Chamber of Commerce
Joran Abu-Dhabi Dubai Tunisie Djibouti Riyadh
Syria Palestine Oman Qatar Kuwait Lebanon
Libya Egypt        
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