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Herbal Bidis
These Bidis do not contain any Tobacco. .
Herbal Products
Medicinal plants & herbs known for their healing properties.
Pesticides & Fertilizers
All types of pesticides & fertilizers used in farming.
Cosmetic Products
Quality products derived from herbs and extracts.
Perfumes & Fragrances
Various kinds of Perfumes & Fragrances available.
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Apara International is established in the year 1986. With the integration of technology and expertise we have made conscious efforts to carve a niche of excellence for ourselves.Apara International is a leading Merchant Exporter for more than 2 decades, exporting different commodities such as Tobacco Products, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Cosmetics, Aromatic Chemicals, Colour Pigments and many more.

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apara international
"Uttung" chs
201 / 204 2nd floor,
d.l.vaidya road, shiv sena bhavan path
Dadar,Mumbai- 400028.india
Tel:+91-22-2430 6504 +91-22-2430 0103

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