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Herbal Bidis
These Bidis do not contain any Tobacco. .
Herbal Products
Medicinal plants & herbs known for their healing properties.
Pesticides & Fertilizers
All types of pesticides & fertilizers used in farming.
Cosmetic Products
Quality products derived from herbs and extracts.
Perfumes & Fragrances
Various kinds of Perfumes & Fragrances available.
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Apara International is established in the year 1986. With the integration of technology and expertise we have made conscious efforts to carve a niche of excellence for ourselves.Apara International is a leading Merchant Exporter for more than 2 decades, exporting different commodities such as Tobacco Products, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Cosmetics, Aromatic Chemicals, Colour Pigments and many more.

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Research & Development (R&D)

Our Associated manufacturers have new technology, qualified and skilled staff to perform better R & D for existing and new products. Well equipped plant and Laboratories enable us to provide better products to the customers as per their requirements.

R&D has a special economic significance apart from its conventional association with scientific and technological development. R&D investment generally reflects organization's willingness to foregos current operations or profit to improve future performance or returns, and its abilities to conduct research and development.

New product design and development is more than often a crucial factor in the survival of a company. In an industry that is fast changing, firms must continually revise their design and range of products. This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers. A system driven by marketing is one that puts the customer needs first, and only produces goods that are known to sell. Market research is carried out, which establishes what is needed. If the development is technology driven then it is a matter of selling what it is possible to make. The product range is developed so that production processes are as efficient as possible and the products are technically superior, hence possessing a natural advantage in the market place.

Now a days the research and development has a great importance in the field of business as the level of competition and production process and methods are rapidly increasing. It carries an especial importance in the field of Marketing where companies always keep an eagle eye on competitors and customers as to keep pace with modern trends and analyze deeply the needs, demands and desires of customers. Now the companies have separate research department as to be updated and keep pace with modern environment and be more value provider than others.

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