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Herbal Bidis
These Bidis do not contain any Tobacco. .
Herbal Products
Medicinal plants & herbs known for their healing properties.
Pesticides & Fertilizers
All types of pesticides & fertilizers used in farming.
Cosmetic Products
Quality products derived from herbs and extracts.
Perfumes & Fragrances
Various kinds of Perfumes & Fragrances available.
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There is something very homely about tea. There is nothing difficult about tea, it is easily accessible and can be made quickly and without mess. This ease of use is one of the big reasons which make it even more popular.We all appreciate the value of the "Tea Break" whether at work or during leisure time, as a signal to relax, after which the spirits are revived and enlivened to face the rest of the day. Drink is as soothing in times of stress, stimulating in times of tiredness, warming when we are cold or cooling when we are hot? It is the most popular and economic beverage in the world.

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Our tasters and blenders evaluate number of cups of tea everyday. This is where the value of each tea is determined, bulk volumes are traded and numerous teas carefully selected and blended.

We enjoy working with customers having varied requirements - many of them buy large quantities, others purchase smaller volumes, some demand premium teas while the rest need the less expensive sorts. Even the bulk packaging requirements vary from conventional plywood chests to corrugated cardboard boxes, multi wall paper sacks to gunny bags.

The business of blended teas is our key area of specialization. Our understanding of international markets enables us to offer blends particularly suited to each customer. We have considerable experience people in matching tea standards which are often sent by our buyers. With our expertise in blending, it is possible to maintain the quality of tea standards in deliveries throughout the year.

Kraft Board Standy Packs :
Wooden Chestlet
Note: We can give you any kind of Flavour you need.
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