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We have various agricultural pesticides & fertilizers particularly in which we are offering as herbal pesticides and fetilizers. These pesticides help in eliminating various problems pertaining agriculture. The basic effect of this lies in the dispersal of chemicals in the atmosphere, ground water, and surface water. These chemicals skillfully identify the pesticides present in land.

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Broad Spectrum Miticide

MITCON is a combination of extracts from several herbs, and displays anti-mite properties against many species of mites.

Features of GUJCO MITCON

  • Eco-friendly broad spectrum anti-mite properties against many species like: Red spider mite, Scarlet mite, Purple mite, Two spotted mite etc.
  • Breaks the tolerance and resistance limits of mites to survive.
  • Suitable for incorporation in IPM programs.
  • No residual toxicity and phytotoxicity, so can be used until even before harvest.
  • No harmful effects on mammals, humans and beneficial organisms like predatory mites, parasites, pollinators.
  • Affects the reproductive system of nematodes which prevents further population build-up of nematodes.
Ingredients of GUJCO MITCON

Some of the herbs used in making GUJCO MITCON are as follows:

  • Acorus calamus
  • Leuca scephalotes.
  • Piper nigrum.
  • Plumbago zeylanica.

Present Solutions for Mites

Large number of miticides which are chemical in nature and against which many species of mites have developed strong immune system which results in yearly increase in the dosage of such chemicals.


Advantages of MITCON

  • Infected plants give equivalent fruit and yield as the healthy ones.
  • Effectively controls mite for a period of 18 days
  • Purely herbal, with no residual toxicity.
  • Further spread of mites is checked.
  • The crop is marketable even if the plant is sprayed today itself.
  • Chemicals are neither used in manufacturing nor as preservative.
  • Fixed dosage for every species of nematodes.
  • Compatible with all pesticides and bio-stimulants.
  • Highly effective against mealy-bug.

Method of Application

  • MITCON can be applied using power or knapsack sprayer.
  • For best results, MITCON should be sprayed either before or at the first sight of mites.
  • Spray should be done on both sides of the leaves.


Spray MITCON @ 4 -5 ml/lit of water. For best results, spray should be done on both sides of the leaves.


Target Crops

  • Tea, Coffee, Cotton , Tobacco , Paddy ,Wheat etc.
  • Vegetables :Like Potato, Tomato , Brinjal, Onion , Carrot ,Raddish ,Cucumber ,Gourd , Beans etc
  • Fruits : Apple, Banana , Grapes, mango , Strawberry , Peach , Plum , Papaya , Pineapple , Lichi etc
  • Chillies, Spices like Black Pepper, Cumin , Ginger etc.
  • Flowers like roses , Marigold ,Sunflowers , Tulips etc.
  • Horticultural , Perennial or Annual Crops
Packing Details
F-7 packing :
Bulk pack : 50 Litre Drum & 1000 Litre
Small pack : 20 Lt, 5Lt, 1Lt, 500ml, 250ml and 100ml PVC bottles.
Common Symptoms of mites
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